Fordham University campus

Molding Socially Responsible Students & Leaders

At Fordham University’s Center for Ethics Education, students, faculty and the general public are the focus of gaining an intellectual appreciation of moral values and critical thinking about ethical practices.

Students, faculty and other scholars learn the value of service at Fordham under the principle of fair and respectful care for diverse peoples, communities, and nations.

Fordham University campusSocially Responsible Behavior Highlighted With Three Ethics Education Themes

Fordham puts its ethics education into practice with degree programs, major lectures, and support for research ethics. The Center organizes its activities around three themes: moral responsibility, global ethics, and responsible science.

Moral responsibility as a theme promotes social justice, the importance of common good (such as society’s collective responsibilities) and is grounded in traditions and modern philosophical ethics.

Fordham approaches global ethics through its theological lens as a Roman Catholic/Christian institution as it promotes the ideals of a moral person and moral nations in a worldwide community.

Students, scientists, and scholars approach learning in the responsible science theme at Fordham by reflecting on the history of experimentation abuses and through current research. For example, the Center received a $400,000 grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to develop instruments and data that can help psychology departments at universities improve the responsible conduct of research.

Ethics Education Goes Online at KSU

Ethics training and education take a front seat at Kansas State University through its ETHICSclassroom, an interactive forum for business and government professionals. Current issues involving values, morals, and ethics in American society are presented through links to case studies, providing ethical dilemmas and an ethics forum where students can discuss perspectives with others.

At the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University, located in Massachusetts, best practices are promoted to align organizational cultures with business performance and ethical business conduct.

Bentley is noted for its service to companies through the university’s development of ethics training for ethics and compliance offers and members of ethics teams.

Social Responsibility Focus of Business, Professional Ethics Education

Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship stakes out corporate citizenship as a business essential. The Center ranks companies that are distinguished by corporate social responsibility. Top-ranked firms in the annual ranking have included Google, Campbell Soup and Johnson & Johnson.

A national resource for those wanting to study ethics, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University offers help to faculty who wish to embed ethics learning into courses and assists profit and nonprofit organizations to put ethics to work.

Meanwhile, codes and ethics and statements, as well as a focus on ethics in engineering and science, is the focus for the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Institute of Technology.

American universities continue to lead discussions about the critical role of ethical standards and behavior in society among politicians, corporate executives, and other leaders. Ethics training, courses and more profound reflections on best practices related to research and business are good examples of the solutions presented by higher education.