Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the ERP is based at the Jean Nicod Institute, Paris. The ERP’s standards are maintained thanks to an Advisory Board, whose role is to supervise proposals for forthcoming issues and assure the scientific quality of the series.


Dario Taraborelli, University of Surrey

Executive Editors

Roberto Casati, CNRS/Institut Jean Nicod
Paul Egré, CNRS/Institut Jean Nicod
Christophe Heintz, Konrad Lorenz Institute

Scientific Advisors

Paul Bloom, Yale University
John Campbell, University of California, Berkeley
Susan Carey, Harvard University
David Chalmers, Australian National University
Martin Davies, Australian National University
Alvin Goldman, Rutgers University
Ray Jackendoff, Tufts University
Marc Jeannerod, Institut de Sciences Cognitives, Lyon
Alan Leslie, Rutgers University
Diego Marconi, University of Eastern Piedmont
Kevin Mulligan, University of Geneva
Alva Noë, University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Peacocke, Columbia University
John Perry, Stanford University
Daniel Povinelli, University of Louisiana
Jesse Prinz, University of North Carolina
Zenon Pylyshyn, Rutgers University
Brian Scholl, Yale University
Elizabeth Spelke, Harvard University
Achille Varzi, Columbia University
Timothy Williamson, New College, Oxford
Deirdre Wilson, University College London