Dealing with Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy

For a new mom-to-be, the experience of sleep deprivation after the birth of the new one is a common phenomenon. But the case is also common for most of the pregnant women.

Pregnancy insomnia can occur during any time during the nine months of your pregnancy. However, for most of the pregnant women, insomnia becomes more prominent during their third trimester. Just like the other symptoms like swollen feet, morning sickness, people don’t really discuss a lot about pregnancy insomnia which is highly increasing in today’s time.

Pregnancy sleep deprivationWhat is insomnia?

The perception of poor-quality or inadequate sleep is defined as insomnia. Some of the common causes of insomnia are:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Back pain
  • Leg cramps
  • Vivid dreams
  • Heartburn due to indigestion
  • Increased size of the abdomen, and sometimes
  • Frequent need for urination during bedtime.

Though insomnia is very torturous and miserable, the good news is that it is not at all harmful for your baby. So, you have to deal with this culprit in those nine magical months of yours. The following habits would be beneficial for you to deal with insomnia during your pregnancy. No matter whatever is the cause of your tossing, turning, and anxiety during your sleepless nights, there are various ways to fight it.

Make a bedtime routine

To set a good sleeping habit is one of the effective ways to manage insomnia. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and make a habit of waking up also at a particular time. To follow this routine you have to avoid watching mobile or television an hour before going to bed. Instead, you can read a good book (not a book related to pregnancy). You can also take a soothing bath before going to bed. For your safety avoid hot tubs.

Proper diet & simple exercise

Diet and exercise can have an impact on your sleep. So, it is necessary to take a healthy diet during pregnancy. A light and a fiber-rich diet are good during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary, but drink as much of it before 7 P.M. Avoid taking caffeine and chocolates as they can drag you towards insomnia. Diet rich in protein can keep the level of your blood sugar steady throughout the night. A glass of lukewarm milk can often make you sleepy.

The advantages of exercise during pregnancy are plentiful. It helps in boosting your energy during daytime and makes you sleepy at night.

Make a comfortable sleeping set up

You can make your bed more comfortable by changing the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. You can also play some melodious music according to your mood.

You can also try some sleeping positions that will help you to get your much-needed rest. The best sleeping position during pregnancy is to sleep on your left side. You can enjoy a good sleep by keeping your legs and knees bent and by placing a pillow between your legs.

Cut short your daytime naps

After the whole night of sleeplessness if you feel tired during the daytime then go for a power nap, but make it sort for 20-30 minutes. Too much of day sleep may interfere with your sleep at night.

Create a time gap between your dinner and sleeping time

Sometimes, you are hit with severe heartburns. This can be the cause of your indigestion as you have taken your dinner too late. Try preventing it by not eating within two hours of bedtime. A healthy dinner can also reduce the chance of heartburns.

If you are suffering from severe heartburns, then some antacids may prove helpful. But before taking it always take the advice of your doctor. You can learn more about antacid and things to consider before taking them.

Try to avoid unnecessary tensions and be happy

Lying in bed and thinking about why you can’t sleep is a confirmed way of making things worse. Just kick off your tensions and try to remain in a calm and happy mood. Unnecessary tensions can sometimes affect the baby.

Stop the use of alcohol and sleeping pills

Talk to your doctor if insomnia continues. But never go for any sleeping pills. Also, avoid the intake of alcohol.

Change the atmosphere of your room

Make your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet which is just perfect for your sleeping conditions. Instead of using bright overhead light in your bathrooms use a nightlight. The dim light will be comfortable for your sleepy eyes and will help you to return back to sleep easily in case you are not able to sleep at night.

 Massage and relaxation as prenatal careTry to stay relaxed

Practice different methods to stay more relaxed at night. If you are lying in bed with your eyes wide open, then try to distract yourself with something interesting. You can read some comics or watch comedy films. Some other interesting tasks may include organizing your nursery or changing the décor of your living room.

Moreover, meditation can also calm your mind and senses in such circumstances. Use breathing exercises to fall asleep faster. It helps in creating a sense of calm and inner harmony while relaxing your muscles.

Get soothing massage

If the severe leg cramps are plaguing you and destroying your night sleep, ask your partner for a gentle massage. Be sure; he would not disappoint you. Ask him to massage on your aching areas. It may be your neck, back, or your sore leg muscles. If your husband is afraid of taking risk of giving you a message, try The Yinova Center prenatal care & massage in New York. Schedule an appointment with a certified professional at the certified center like this and receive a relaxing prenatal massage to relieve your tensed muscles.

You might feel tensed about labor pain and delivery complications, or worry about how to manage your routine work and your new motherhood. But always remember that worrying isn’t productive. Instead, make a habit of noting down all your concerns. This will help you get a solution to your concerns beforehand.

Discussing your feelings and worries with your partner can also be very effective. So, don’t panic, but fight with insomnia by following the above tips. Try to take a tension-free sleep before the arrival of your new one!