Better Body After Baby: What Can I Do To Get My Body Back?

To many, pregnancy is a beautiful journey that may involve some unhealthy eating habits (cravings) and lack of much exercising. However, whether you indulge in an unhealthy habit or not, the added weight is inevitable.

After you give birth to your bouncing little human you find that your body does not just bounce back to how it was before pregnancy. Few weeks pass but yet nothing changes and you still have the baby weight. You then start to wonder whether there is anything you could do to shed the extra weight. Well, there are a few things you could do to get the weight off and keep it off for good.

Simple ways to get your body back

Pregnancy obesity is quite commonGetting your body back is absolutely possible, however, you should be patient and give it time because it can be a slow but steady process


Many women opt out of breastfeeding because they have this belief that their beautiful boobs would sag. Well, it might be true but that is not a good reason to miss out on the beautiful benefits of doing it. Besides, there are so many result-oriented exercises you can do to get your breasts to where you want them.

Breastfeeding actually burns a lot of calories a day, about 500-700. This is why you find that a mother may add her calorie intake but still manage to be losing some weight. However, if you reduce your breastfeeding or stop doing it, you should also reduce your calorie intake. If not you’ll find yourself adding on weight.

Clean and healthy eating

Granted you have to eat well to get the milk supply going but that does not mean you should eat anything. Healthy eating, in this case, means mindful eating. Knowing how many times you eat in a day and how many times you snack. It also means that you should get rid of sugar to avoid a drop in your blood sugar levels which will make you snack on anything you get your hands on.

To be successful at this you have to plan in advance. Take some time out of your week to go shop for all the food and snacks you need. Plan out your meals for the week and have them ready for when you want to eat. This will keep the temptation to eat unhealthy foods at bay.

You should also ensure you get all your vitamins. Having some personalized vitamins according to your nutrition needs will be a great boost to your energy. Read the custom vitamin options and get what fits your particular needs.

Become physically active

Don’t just sit there and watch all your favorite shows. Get up and get going. You should try to go for a walk around your neighborhood and take your little one with you. This is a great excuse to get out and let your child enjoy the fresh air and be in a different environment.

Start doing some light workouts. Start by doing some pelvic floor workouts to help with diastasis recti if you have it. Then go ahead and build up your exercises according to your energy levels. You should, however, remember to consult your doctor before you become too active. Get to know how far you should go and follow the advice given by your doctor. This will ensure you don’t get hurt in the search for that perfect body.

Take some regular naps

Make sure that during the day you take some time out and get some sleep. Do this as your child is sleeping to ensure that you are not sleep deprived. As we all know sometimes kids throw huge tantrums and keep their parents awake throughout the night. Do not hesitate to take the time off and relax.

Sleeping is also known for weight control so this would be a win for you. You get to have the much-needed sleep and at the same time contribute to your weight loss journey.

Join other new moms

Getting yourself acquainted with what other new moms are doing to make their lives easier and lose the baby weight is very important. This could be an online community of new moms or better yet, new moms from your neighborhood.

Socializing with other momsSearching for moms around is the best idea because you will get yourself accountability partners. This will definitely ensure you stick to your exercise routine. Try to do some workout challenges with your new group of friends and document your results as you go. This could be a 30-day workout challenge or even a 5 km run daily. Whatever it is just be sure to stick with it to see results.

It is important to note that you also need to watch your calorie and fat intake. Avoid empty calorie foods like soda and opt for lean meats without the extra fat. This will help you lose the weight and keep it off.

In addition, working out does not in any way affect your milk production if you are breastfeeding. Your body is very capable of producing all the milk needed. However, before any workout, you should at least breastfeed or express the milk to avoid the excess baggage. Also, consider dressing up in some workout gear for that extra boost and comfort.

All women are beautiful and bringing a child to this world is no small thing. Take it easy on yourself and give it time. You will get to your goal weight with hard work and consistency. Eat well and exercise more. Follow your doctor’s instructions and trust that it is for your own good. Also, remember to rest and treat yourself once in a while, it does not benefit you if you are too hard on yourself.

In the meantime, before all the weight is off especially around your belly you could consider getting a waistband or waist trainer. Investing in one of this will let you fit in that dress you really love going out in.

Remember to be patient and give it time.