Dealing with Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy

For a new mom-to-be, the experience of sleep deprivation after the birth of the new one is a common phenomenon. But the case is also common for most of the pregnant women. Pregnancy insomnia can occur during any time during the nine months of your pregnancy. However, for most of the pregnant women, insomnia becomes […]

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Better Body After Baby: What Can I Do To Get My Body Back?

To many, pregnancy is a beautiful journey that may involve some unhealthy eating habits (cravings) and lack of much exercising. However, whether you indulge in an unhealthy habit or not, the added weight is inevitable. After you give birth to your bouncing little human you find that your body does not just bounce back to […]

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Fordham University campus

Molding Socially Responsible Students & Leaders

At Fordham University’s Center for Ethics Education, students, faculty and the general public are the focus of gaining an intellectual appreciation of moral values and critical thinking about ethical practices. Students, faculty and other scholars learn the value of service at Fordham under the principle of fair and respectful care for diverse peoples, communities, and […]

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BP Deepwater rig oil spill cost about 60 billion dollars

Consequences of Prioritizing Profit Over Ethics

When corporations act unethically, they may improve their bottom line over the short-term. But if their aim is to enhance their profits by dispensing with prudence – for example, having their managers decree operational shortcuts that ignore standard procedures and do not take safety into consideration – then over a more extended period, such reckless […]

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Singing therapy improves overall health

Are You Too Old for Singing Lessons?

Let me be frank with you now: it is never too late to enroll in singing lessons! Why is this so, you may ask. There is no hype involved in this. Just the reality that many mature students are enrolling in singing classes. And they thrive on their own, some even going for professional singing […]

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Effective digital marketing

Simple Yet Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques

If you are new in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and you want to venture in this type of industry to promote your brand or website, you have got to follow some essential tips and techniques on how to create a good branding and how your website an […]

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michel foucault

Michel Foucault: Power, Knowledge, and the Quest to Become Other

Michel Foucault lived his philosophy. His motivation in life was to become something else; to go beyond self. Foucault achieved this through continual intellectual development, limit experiences, and even drug use. Everything he was tested the boundaries of known societal rules and order. Foucault and Language Foucault strived to make his life a work of […]

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